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A place for gamers and geeks to post and find cool things that might be of interest to them.
This is a community for gamers and geeks who want to share their finds or things they have made that might be of interest to other geeks and gamers. Promotions ARE allowed as long as you don't overdo it. Let's get things started, and we'll add Rules/FAQs as they become necessary.

Basic Rules:

Be civil to one another. Pointless or solely inflammatory posts will be removed. There is no need to be mean; constructive criticism or valid complaints are fine.

Post on-topic items. This community is for getting the word out about great finds, merchandise, swag...whatever you want to call it. If you find something cool that geeks and gamers will probably be interested in, then it's on topic. If you just hand-milked a sheep and want to share your return to Mother Earth, that's off topic and should be posted elsewhere.

If you post images that total greater than 500x500 pixels, place them behind a cut. It's fine to give us a few images for a preview before the cut, but don't post a string of 15 huge images without cutting it. Thumbnail if necessary. Not everyone wants that to pop up on their friends page.

Please Tag your entries. Tagging your entries thoroughly helps others who may be searching for things to find posts more easily. Please be considerate and tag!

Links to Sources for Cool Stuff!
(This will be updated more sites are found/posted. Feel free to suggest sites!)

Etsy Geekery: a handmade goods site with it's own category for geeky items
ThinkGeek: Great shop for geek accessories, hardware, clothes, candies, and other stuff.